The Fitronix Smart Performance motion capture technology integrated with our exclusive muscle sensor technology was created to prevent injury, through consistent tracking and analysis of exercise movements during training activities. 

With the analysis of captured metrics, the technology predicts instances of over training, highlights improper body techniques and is mapped against the biomechanics of each exercise. This ensures the athlete can adjust to guarantee training for maximum performance in real-time.


It’s not about how you look, but how you perform

We believe in inspiring through innovation in everything we do.

Fitronix thinks differently and challenges the status quo.

We think differently to provide trusted services and design products to help people achieve the highest level of performance. We challenge the status quo by tailoring our services to meet your specific needs, and design products that are innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and user friendly.

One of the biggest issues athletes and people who exercise face is physical injury. Instead of waiting for the pain to tell you something is wrong, we developed a hyper-accurate sensor system to pinpoint any training movements that may lead to an injury.

Smart prevention is better than painful recovery.

Measuring performance is key to proper training. Thanks to our exclusive muscle sensor technology, Fitronix can precisely count and measure every single flex during a workout in real-time.

This gives you the ability to instantly adjust your workout and reach your peak performance faster.

Are you part of the 300 Club in bench-press? How do you prove it? Now, you have real online data to show your friends, family and competitors online.

With Fitronix, you can match your performance with friends at a local gym, rivals in another state, or even match stats with professional athletes!





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