The Fitronix Motion Capture Camera Technology captures the image of the person training and builds a skeletal structure of the person based on all dynamics entered into the user's profile upon initiation.

The capture, tracking and recording of real-time data determines the activity of the person, and calculates and reports key fitness metrics. All training performance is compared so adjustments can be made during the training session.

The Fitronix Exclusive Muscle Sensor Technology is embedded within the fitness equipment, typically the pad of any free weight equipment and can be customized to various fitness machines.

The sensor technology is integrated with the camera technology and the fitness equipment technology to create a system that ensures the correct form and placement of the body on the equipment to maintain spinal and body alignment to prevent injuries while training.

The Fitronix Flexus Equipment Technology automatically adjusts to the physical attributes of each user.

Our main focus is on the individual's physical size, any physical limitations, and their safety and well being while using the equipment.

Incorporating three Fitronix technologies creates the ultimate fitness development, monitor, and evaluation experience.


Automated recording of player development assessments

and evaluations

Record and monitor all physical activities in a fitness or training facility

Instantly records performance of each repetition/set


Monitor the amount of weight used and muscle exertion

Maintain body and spinal alignment

Record and monitor all physical activities and equipment interactions


Easy access and usability for physically challenged

Tall or larger body structures gain more natural movement

Adjust to smaller frames for youth fitness

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