The data is collected and generates valuable information like:

• Exercise Performed

• Range of Motion

  1. Duration of Repetition

  2. Duration on equipment

• Duration of Set

• Number of Repetitions

• Number of Sets

• Tempo of Repetitions

• Total Effort

• Average Effort

• Peak Concentric Force

• Average Concentric Force

• Peak Eccentric Force

  1. Average Eccentric Force

  2. Skin response

Fitronix and its Smart Performance Technology are poised to be the forefront of new technology and innovation that helps people to develop and train for performance.

  1. Monitor the amount of weight used and muscle exertion

  2. Connects wirelessly with personal monitoring device

  3. Instantly record performance of each repetition/set

  4. Gain immediate feedback

  5. Follow progress

  6. Trend data to highlight progress and areas of improvement for the predetermined fitness activity

Fitronix is the next generation in weight training technology and services. Our Smart Performance Technology provides weightlifting equipment and apps with real-time monitoring and reporting to predict and reduce injury and increase training for maximum performance. Consumers will be able to have trend data to highlight progress, areas of improvement, and predict potential injuries. The data can be shared wirelessly with their trainer, coach, physician, physical therapist or competitor.

The equipment records the interaction with the person and the equipment. Each piece of equipment communicates wirelessly to other equipment around it.

The information is collected analyzed and recorded in real-time so you instantly know the effects of training.